About Me


I am a Francophile living her dream. I met my husband during my year abroad as a fille au pair in Paris where we lived for three glorious years. For our next adventure, we swapped Paris for New York, got married, and had a little baby girl. I go nuts for French charm, food, and style.

Beyond my passion for all things French is my passion for creating a healthier world through safe food, cosmetics, toys, furniture–you name it. (And I do it in style.)

My obsession began one day when I randomly wondered about how nicotine patches work. You put them on your skin, and it goes into your blood, so is it the same for cosmetics? What I found upon researching was a resounding yes. Why is this allowed by law? Why are consumers accepting this? I don’t know, but ever since that realization, I have made every effort to make sure that my cosmetics are non-toxic not only for my family’s health and the environment, but also as an act of revolution. Every purchase we make is a vote for safer and healthier products. This is our power as consumers. Who says you can’t make a difference?

My passion was fueled further when I became pregnant with my daughter. I had no idea that baby products were loaded with toxins. Again, I wondered how this could be allowed, why it isn’t common knowledge, and why parents accept this. (The last question is a tricky one: some are unaware, some prefer not to know, and some cannot afford to do otherwise, which is truly disheartening because you should never have to choose between financial health and the health of your family.) I started with my baby registry, meticulously researching every piece of baby gear. It wasn’t easy to stick to my guns. Everything that is safe inevitably comes with a hefty price tag. Also, I’ve found that some people think you’re crazy. I don’t think it’s crazy to want to better the world we live in. I don’t have the power to change the materials these companies use, but I do have the power not to accept it. I have the power to support businesses that are making healthy products.

That said, I also try not to take it to the extreme. For sanity and financial purposes, it’s nearly impossible to make every purchase an environmentally-friendly and healthy choice. I also admit that there are some things I just don’t want to live without, like J.Crew and Shake Shack. Hey, nobody’s perfect!

I will not overwhelm you with details, nag, or pass judgment, but focus on sharing all the amazing things I find that are healthy, safe, and beautiful. I hope to make it a little easier for you to find great products because nobody has the time for that kind of research (or the desire, for that matter). And most of all, I hope to help you have fun and stay motivated because every little decision, no matter how insignificant it seems, is making a difference.


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